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Lewis Labs Staminex is a balanced, concentrated natural food containing all thirty-four essential vitamins, minerals and proteins deemed appropriate and safe as a dietary supplement. It is sugar-free and prepared by an exclusive process that assists systemic assimilation from natural ingredients.You may have used Lewis Labs 100% Pure Premium Imported Brewer’s Yeast Flakes, Lewis Labs Fabulous Fiber, Lewis Labs Lecithin or another of our quality health products but you probably did not know Lewis Labs Staminex was the first, and perhaps the most nutritionally superior product we made.Lewis Labs Staminex is a combination of the richest and most concentrated natural nutritional ingredients, balanced in such a way as to provide all 40 essential vitamins, minerals and amino acids (protein) which your body needs every day in order to maintain good health and energy. These, plus many trace minerals and metals that are present in natural organic complexes combine with digestive enzymes so systematic assimilation is assured.STAMINEX PROVIDES PROTEIN BALANCEWhen you look in the mirror, what you see is protein. Our muscles, cartilage, bones, organs, skin, nails and hair are all made of protein. Moreover, the thousands of enzymes, hormones and neuro-transmitters that start, regulate and control virtually every function of the body, are built of protein. All of these tens of thousands of specialized proteins that build the body and enable it to function are constructed from 22 amino acids. Given the proper diet, our bodies can manufacture only 14 of the 22. The remaining eight are the so-called essential amino acids. Essential because they cannot be manufactured by the body and must be supplied by the diet. If even one of these essential amino acids is missing, then all are released back into general circulation and protein synthesis does not take place. A further catch is that the essential amino acids must be in a special quantitative relationship to each other for maximum benefit. A single serving of Lewis Labs Staminex meets or exceeds this standard for all eight of the essential amino acids. The National Academy of Science (Hegsted Recommendation) has established the ideal profile in terms of grams per day for each of the eight. The American diet, in general, provides more than enough total protein but that is no assurance the protein is of high quality and all the essential amino acids are present.THE IMPORTANCE OF BEEF LIVERBeef liver (ours is imported from Argentina) is an important component of Lewis Labs Staminex. If there is one food that surpasses all others in nutritional richness it is undoubtedly, beef liver. Not only is its content of amino acids unique, but its contribution of minerals, metals and a trace element is outstanding. Liver has long been famous as a rich source of iron and the B-complex vitamins. However, there are drawbacks to whole liver as food. It is loaded with fat and cholesterol. It is a storehouse of fat-soluble substances such as DDT and herbicides. These are removed when the liver is defatted. That is why Lewis Labs Staminex uses only the defatted, desiccated beef liver imported from Argentina and it is, therefore, free of chemical fertilizers and other impurities. The liver is then concentrated to four times its natural potency by vacuum drying at a low heat of 140F which gently preserves the rich nutrients. Yet there appears to be even more to this liver than the wealth of nutrients we catalogue there is a hint of magic we call Lewis Labs Staminex.Wheat germ oil is one of the best natural sources of Vitamin E and this is the main reason for its inclusion in the Lewis Labs Staminex formula. However, in the authoritative book The Physiological Effects of Wheat Germ Oil on Humans in Exercise, Dr. Thomas K. Cureton, Ph.D., reported significant increases in endurance, strength, neuromuscular and cardiovascular fitness in controlled tests involving over 900 people. These results could not be explained based on known nutritional factors in the oil and again, the value of the natural sourcing of nutritional products is apparent.Other natural ingredients used in the balanced Lewis Labs Staminex formula are kelp, toasted wheat germ, soy oil, organ protein concentrate, oil seed nut concentrate and many more. How many unknown factors in these natural ingredients contribute to the Lewis Labs Staminex magic, we can only guess. We suspect it is significant.Technically, Lewis Labs Staminex is a superb product that appears to have a magic beyond what one would expect from its nutritional content alone. We can count the vitamins, weigh the protein and measure the minerals but, locked into the natural ingredients, there appears to be additional, nutritional factors that provide an unexpected bonus benefit.It might be possible to put together a product with all the known nutritional contents of the ingredients in Lewis Labs Staminex by using vitamins and chemical equivalents that would be easier and probably a lot cheaper, but we would not know how to add the Lewis Labs Staminex magic.Lewis Labs Staminex will never win any prizes for flavor. However, mixed with fruit juice and, perhaps, a little sweetener, e.g. honey, it can become quite palatable. If you want flavor, you will have to add it. Lewis Labs Staminex, taken regularly, will almost always provide a noticeable, even dramatic, increase in energy and mental alertness. Over a longer period, general health is likely to improve. Natural ingredients are a bit of insurance against what the experts do not yet know about nutrition. Once you try it, you will want to make it the foundation of your daily nutritional program.Lewis Labs Staminex contains no Trans Fat.Lewis Labs Staminex is available in 16 oz. (454 grams) containers and is sold by weight, not volume. Some settling may occur.Lewis Labs Staminex contains soy and wheat.

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